Monday, May 02, 2005

For Aaron

Hi Aaron, Your dad says that you are collecting ladybugs but it is hard to find enough food for them to eat, and that you are putting roses in the cage so they will eat the aphids. If you can not find enough aphids you can also feed them raisins or other small pieces of cut fruit. If you use raisins you have to cut them in half and soak them in water for a few hour before you put them in the cage. You should also soak a cotton ball in water and put that in the cage so they can get a drink without drowning, and don't forget to LIGHTLY mist them with a spray bottle twice a day to keep the humidity high. If the temperature get over 70 degrees they will want to start flying and they won't be very happy in the cage. That's when its time to let them go.


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