Friday, April 29, 2005

More Mantids

Another ootheca ( egg case ) of baby mantids hatched two days ago, but for some reason it only seemed to contain about 20 nymphs. Perhaps the egg case got clogged by one that could not get out thereby blocking the exit for the rest. I will have two examine the egg case later to find out. I put them in a different cage learning from experience not to place a wet cotton ball in the cage for moisture as the tiny hooks on their feet get caught in the cotton and they fall forward struggling to get away and suffocate. In this batch brother ate brother on the second day at an unlikely time. It occurred while I was exchanging them from a gallon jar to their larger mesh cage. Feeding them is no longer a problem as I was able to find a major aphid infestation along the banks of Lake Oroville, (near Paradise, Ca.), among the new spring wildflowers. They seem to be mainly infesting a certain, plant with pea-like pod attachments. I heard lots of turkeys gobbling while I was gathering samples.
The first hatch still do not seem to be growing very rapidly and I am somewhat concerned that they are not eating enough. I am also wondering what species these are. They will have to get much larger before I can identify them. Such a stage creature they are to sometimes eat each other even when food is plentiful. Here is a link to some great information on preying mantids. Link


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