Saturday, August 27, 2005

Adult Praying Mantis

Adult Praying Mantis searching for ? Lost Atlantis ? Here is Big Boy, my largest Carolina mantis. She has grow so large that she now has trouble moving about her cage. She needs larger branches in order to hold on, and the glass surface of the aquarium has become very difficult for her. I am still waiting for her to lay her eggs, (oothecas). I plan on separating the egg cases for next years hatch to see if I can notice any differences between hatchlings. I wanted to get pictures of her eyes turning red, which happens in the evening at sunset, but there was to much light in the room. This is a very strange the first time you see this happen, I thought I was imagining it the first time I saw it. The hole eye turns red, not just a small pupal area, and they have a shimering effect when light is shined on them.


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