Tuesday, June 28, 2005

DIY Cheap Critter Cages

Start with wire garden plant support, (they come in several sizes) and clip off the three ground stakes about one inch from the end. Then bend them over to round them off and eliminate the sharp ends.

Roll it out on a paper or cardboard template, bookmarking the starting and ending position. Add two inches to the width and twelve inches to the length on each ends. Save the template for cutting the netting fabric. Make another template of the large round part of the plant support for the bottom of the cage. Use template to cut some clear fabric for the cage surround. (Drapery fabric works well) Sew long seam together and pull over wire. Mark the position of the top and bottom after you determine where you want them to end remember to leave an inch or so extra to sew seams on the top and bottom so the ends do not fray. Cut and sew top and bottom seams. Streach over wire, put in round bottom and tie off with nylon cord, wire twisties. Anyway you got the idea. The cage can be hung or set a on stand. This type of cage works great for raising praying mantises and other small insects.


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